Decoding the Spirits: Alcohol Price Guide in Kolkata

Whiskey Pricing Kolkata

Hey there, fellow drink enthusiasts! Ever found yourself wandering the vibrant streets of Kolkata, asking random strangers where to get the best bang for your booze buck? Trust me, I’ve been there too. So, I decided to take on the mission of charting out the alcohol prices in our beloved city. Whether you’re a wine whisperer, a beer buddy, or a cocktail connoisseur, I’ve got you covered. As we journey through this post, I’ll be sharing my discoveries and would love to hear your thoughts and personal experiences too. Ready to embark on this tipsy trail with me? Grab your glass, and let’s dive in! 🍷🍻🍸 Cheers to exploring Kolkata together!

Navigating the Boozy Lanes of the City of Joy

Kolkata, often referred to as the ‘City of Joy’, has a rich tapestry of culture, history, and yes, an evolving alcohol scene. The bustling streets of this city offer a spectrum of choices when it comes to sourcing your favorite spirits. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. FL OFF Counters: Sprinkled generously across the city, these outlets serve as a direct portal for alcohol aficionados. Whether you’re searching for a local brew or an international brand, these counters are often your best bet.
  2. The Digital Touch: For those who prefer their alcohol at the tap of a screen, Kolkata doesn’t disappoint. Apps like Swiggy, Dunzo, and Spiritzone have redefined convenience for the urban drinker. What’s impressive? Your order can be at your doorstep in a window ranging from a rapid 10 minutes to an hour, based on the rush and store proximity.
  3. Delivery Charges: While convenience is a tap away, it does come at a cost. These apps typically charge a delivery fee that can range from a pocket-friendly 60 INR to a slightly steeper 200 INR. The final amount usually depends on two factors: the total price of your order and the distance from the store to your location.
  4. A Gentle Reminder: Remember, while buying alcohol in Kolkata is convenient, it also requires responsibility. Ensure you’ve completed your KYC formalities on these apps and are above the legal drinking age of 21. Drink responsibly and cherish the moments.

As we delve deeper into this article, we’ll be exploring the price points of various alcoholic beverages available in this magnificent city. Whether you’re a fan of the classic Old Monk or are curious about the latest international wine to hit the counters, stay tuned! Cheers to the myriad flavors of Kolkata! 🍾πŸ₯‚πŸΊ

Old Monk in Kolkata: A Legacy in Every Sip, Pricing

There’s something timeless about Old Monk. Perhaps it’s the rich, velvety texture or its deep, molasses-like flavor, or maybe it’s the shared stories and memories we’ve all made while sipping on it. Kolkata, with its penchant for nostalgia and classics, unsurprisingly has a soft spot for this iconic rum.

Pricing Breakdown:

Old Monk XXX Rum:

  • 180 ml: A modest 150 INR makes for a quick indulgence or a simple evening with friends.
  • 375 ml: Priced at 290 INR, it’s the perfect pick for those unplanned gatherings or to warm up a chilly Kolkata evening.
  • 500 ml: At 380 INR, this is for the times you know a small peg just won’t do.
  • 750 ml: The classic full bottle is available for 560 INR, ensuring there’s more than enough to go around.

Premium Variants: Kolkata’s love for Old Monk doesn’t stop at the classics. For those with a taste for something a bit more refined, Old Monk offers its premium range:

  • The Legend Rum: This sophisticated variant, with its enhanced flavors and velvety texture, can be yours for 840 INR for a 750ml bottle.
  • Supreme XXX Rum: A rich experience and nuanced taste profile define this variant, priced at 790 INR for a full 750ml bottle.

Whether you’re reminiscing old tales with long-time friends or making new memories, Old Monk has a variant and a price point that fits perfectly with Kolkata’s vibe. So, next time you’re wandering the lanes of this city, you’ll know exactly how to get the best rum experience for your buck. Cheers to traditions and the timeless appeal of Old Monk in the heart of Kolkata! πŸ₯ƒπŸŒ†

Mcdowell’s No. 1 in Kolkata: A Blend for Every Budget

India, with its evolving taste and growing appreciation for spirits, has witnessed the rise of several alcoholic brands. Among them, Mcdowell’s has cemented its place as the budget king, offering a plethora of drinks that cater to a variety of palettes and pockets. In the bylanes of Kolkata, this brand often resonates with the city’s vibe of tradition meeting modernity. Let’s dive into the price points of their most popular offerings in the city:

Mcdowell’s No. 1 Celebration XXX Rum:

A beloved choice for many rum enthusiasts:

  • 750 ml: Priced competitively at 570 INR.
  • 375 ml: Suitable for a smaller gathering or a personal stash at 290 INR.

Mcdowell’s No. 1 Reserve Whiskey:

For those who enjoy a classic, smooth whiskey experience:

  • 750 ml: Available at 640 INR, ensuring quality without straining the wallet.
  • 180 ml: A quick fix for your whiskey cravings, priced at 170 INR.

Mcdowell’s No. 1 Luxury Premium Whiskey:

A step above in refinement, but still within a budget-friendly range. The pricing of this variant typically varies by a slight 10 to 20 INR difference, so always be sure to check the latest when purchasing.

Mcdowell’s Platinum 18 Years No. 1 Luxury Whiskey:

The jewel in the crown of Mcdowell’s offerings:

  • 750 ml: This exquisite 18-year-old blend is available in only one size and is priced at 650 INR.

The next time you’re in Kolkata, whether you’re planning an elaborate celebration or a quiet evening of reflection, Mcdowell’s ensures there’s a bottle for every occasion and budget. So, raise a toast to the myriad flavors and moments that this city and Mcdowell’s No. 1 bring to life. Cheers to choices and Kolkata’s spirit! πŸ₯‚πŸŒƒ

Blenders Pride Price in Kolkata: A Symphony of Flavors at Friendly Prices

In the world of whiskies, Blenders Pride has achieved a remarkable balance: combining memorable flavors without putting a dent in your wallet. A popular choice in Kolkata, it’s often the spirit of choice for many celebrations and gatherings in the city. Let’s delve into the pricing details of this beloved whiskey:

Blenders Pride Rare Premium Whiskey Price:

Known for its consistent taste and affordable range, this variant has been a staple for many:

  • 180 ml: An accessible indulgence priced at 280 INR.
  • 375 ml: Sized right for those spontaneous nights or smaller gatherings, available for 520 INR.
  • 750 ml (Full Bottle): Perfect for larger groups or stocking up, priced at 980 INR.

Blenders Pride’s Premium Variant Price:

This is where taste meets sophistication. After personally trying it, I can vouch for its enhanced flavor profile, which is a cut above its counterpart:

  • 750 ml (Full Bottle): A luxury experience without the hefty price tag, available for 1190 INR.
  • 375 ml: Half the size but all the flavor, priced at 630 INR.
  • 180 ml: Small but full of joy, Priced at 340 INR

Blenders Pride, with its dual offerings, ensures that there’s something for every whiskey enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for that consistent taste you’ve grown to love or want to indulge in their more premium variant, Blenders Pride has got you covered. Here’s raising a glass to many more spirited evenings in the City of Joy with Blenders Pride! πŸ₯ƒπŸŒŸ

Sterling Reserve B7 & B10 Price in Kolkata: A Modern Rivalry in a Bottle

Whiskey lovers in Kolkata have more to rejoice about than just the classics. Enter Sterling Reserve B7 and B10, two newer entrants that have quickly climbed the popularity charts and are giving established brands a run for their money. Given the rich whiskey culture of Kolkata, it’s no surprise that Sterling Reserve, with its distinctive taste and branding, has found a loyal customer base in the city.

Sterling Reserve B7:

The B7, with its smooth and approachable flavor, is a hit among those looking for quality without stretching the budget. And for those who like a bit of a twist, the cola mix variant offers an intriguing combination.

  • 180 ml: Perfect for a casual evening, priced at 220 INR.
  • 375 ml: Just right for those in-between moments, available at 420 INR.
  • 750 ml (Full Bottle): For those extensive gatherings or when you’re in the mood for something extra, it’s priced at 800 INR.

Sterling Reserve B10:

This is Sterling Reserve’s more refined sibling. The B10, with its enhanced taste and premium feel, is meant for those special occasions or for the discerning whiskey aficionado.

  • 750 ml (Full Bottle): Dive into a deeper, richer experience with the B10, available for 940 INR.

Both B7 and B10 are fast becoming the talk of the town, and it’s easy to see why. With their competitive pricing and distinct profiles, they’re positioning themselves as strong contenders in the whiskey world of Kolkata. The next time you’re in the city and in the mood for a tipple, you might want to give Sterling Reserve a shot (pun intended). Here’s to new tastes and spirited competitions in the whiskey landscape of Kolkata! πŸ₯ƒπŸŽ‰

Oaksmith Gold & Silver in Kolkata: A Fusion of East and West in Every Sip

The world of whiskey in Kolkata is ever-evolving, and with the introduction of Oaksmith Gold & Silver, it’s gotten all the more interesting. From the house that gifted us the renowned Teachers 50, Oaksmith whiskeys emerge as an embodiment of global craftsmanship. With Japanese whiskey-making finesse and a blend that combines the best of scotch, American bourbon, and Indian grain spirits, Oaksmith presents a unique narrative in every bottle.

Oaksmith Silver (Also known as Oaksmith International Blended Whiskey):

For those seeking a fresh, nuanced experience without the hefty price tag, the Silver variant is a revelation.

  • 180 ml: A light pocket pinch for a flavor-packed experience, priced at 230 INR.
  • 375 ml: Midway between a taste teaser and indulgence, available for 410 INR.
  • 750 ml (Full Bottle): When you’re fully committed to the Oaksmith journey, it’s yours for 800 INR.

Oaksmith Gold (International Whiskey):

A touch more premium and complex in its flavor profile, the Gold variant speaks of luxury and refinement without being overbearing.

  • 375 ml: A deeper dive into the world of Oaksmith, priced at 600 INR.
  • 750 ml (Full Bottle): For when you want to indulge or make an evening truly special, available at 1150 INR.

Oaksmith’s introduction to the Kolkata market is a testament to the city’s growing appetite for innovative and globally-inspired spirits. With its impeccable blend and strategic pricing, it’s clear that Oaksmith is poised to make significant waves in the whiskey scene of the City of Joy. For those keen to explore the world of whiskey beyond the familiar, Oaksmith beckons with the promise of a unique story in every glass. Cheers to the fusion of traditions and the future of whiskey in Kolkata! πŸ₯ƒπŸŒ

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