“My Top Picks: The Best Hotels in Digha 2023 – And Where I Charged My EV!”

Sun-kissed mornings, balmy evenings, and the refreshing aroma of the sea – Digha is a dream. On my recent escapade, I scoured its nook and cranny to identify the crème de la crème of accommodations for 2023. And as an EV owner, I had another mission: to find the hotels most accommodating to modern travelers like me. Dive into my personal journey, as I share where I rested, rejuvenated, and recharged – both myself and my vehicle.

Best Resorts / 5 Star Stays in Digha

As the waves whispered tales of distant shores, I embarked on a quest in Digha to find the epitome of opulence and grandeur. From infinity pools overlooking the horizon to gourmet experiences that tantalized my palate, join me as I relive my moments in the most exquisite resorts and 5-star stays of 2023. It’s time to indulge, Digha-style!

#1. Hotel Sonar Bangla Mandarmomi

Hotel Sonar Bangla Mandarmomi emerges as a jewel in a picturesque setting. What sets it apart? Its very own secluded private beach – a pristine expanse of golden sands where solitude meets the sea.

My recent stay was nothing short of extraordinary. The hotel’s vast array of amenities meant that every moment was packed with memories – from lively pool parties to cozy campfires, from electrifying DJ nights to seamless corporate conferences. There was never a dull moment.

As for accommodations, I reveled in the opulence of their Super Deluxe room. The king-sized bed beckoned a luxurious sleep, the expansive washrooms hinted at grandeur, and the room’s decor and amenities left no stone unturned in ensuring utmost comfort. If the Super Deluxe room is the crown jewel of the hotel, then the Standard and Deluxe rooms are its sparkling gems – offering affordability without compromising on quality.

Their in-house restaurant was another highlight. Each meal was a culinary voyage, especially their seafood offerings. Freshly caught, every bite transported me to the depths of the sea, such was the authenticity and flavor. The cherry on top? Their room service was prompt and impeccable, ensuring that my needs were catered to with precision.

A special mention for EV owners: Hotel Sonar Bangla Mandarmomi is in tune with modern travel needs. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they offered charging facilities for my electric vehicle. Although there’s a charge, a polite request at the counter might just get you a complimentary top-up.

In conclusion, if Digha is on your travel list, and luxury is what you seek, Hotel Sonar Bangla Mandarmomi should undeniably be your top choice. For me, it wasn’t just a stay; it was an experience worth reliving.

#2.Cygnett Inn Sea View, Digha – A Modern Oasis by the Bay

Cygnett Inn Sea View

Nestled a mere 200 meters from the breathtaking Bay of Bengal, the Cygnett Inn Sea View seamlessly merges urban chic with coastal charm. Whether you’re a business traveler seeking efficiency or a leisure tourist in pursuit of relaxation, this establishment, boasting warmly appointed rooms and state-of-the-art facilities, will surely cater to your needs.

One of the standout features for me was their rooftop swimming pool. Not only is it an ideal spot to unwind with a panoramic view, but it’s also the first hotel in Digha to introduce a heated swimming pool – an absolute treat for those chilly evenings or early morning dips.

Address: Block- B, Plot No.- 06, B1 Sector, New Digha, Digha, WEST BENGAL, – 721463

Contact: +91 8595450450, +91 8595192192 | Email: reservations@cygnetthotels.com

For the tech-savvy and remote workers among us, the complimentary Wi-Fi services provided by the hotel are robust and reliable. I had zero interruptions, which made my stay productive during the day and relaxed during the evening.

EV owners, take note: I found the hotel accommodating with its provision of a slow charging facility. At a rate of ₹ 50 per hour during my visit, it was reasonable, although one should always be prepared for a price hike due to either inflation or the art of negotiation. Nonetheless, having the chance to recharge my electric vehicle without any hassle was a definite plus.

Hotel Policies:

  • Check-in from 12 PM
  • Check-out till 10 AM

In summary, the Cygnett Inn Sea View effortlessly combines modern conveniences with a touch of coastal luxury. My stay was both memorable and comfortable, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone visiting Digha. Whether it’s the view, the heated pool, or the efficient services, there’s something for everyone here.

#3. Le ROi, Digha – A Coastal Gem Just Moments Away from Digha Beach

Le ROi, Digha

Perched serenely in the Bhagibaharampur village, Le ROi, Digha, offers a blend of tranquility and accessibility that is hard to find. Merely a short 5-minute drive from the famed Digha Beach and a brief 0.2 km stroll from the Digha Railway Station, the location couldn’t be more convenient.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted with warm hospitality and an ambiance that promised a delightful stay. The rooms are spacious, with the Super Deluxe room, in particular, standing out. Not only was it plush and comfortable, but the added perk of complimentary 2 pints of beer was an unexpected and enjoyable touch.

One of the highlights of my stay was the on-site restaurant. Offering both buffet and a la carte options, I was spoiled for choice. The menu boasts a range of dishes that cater to diverse palates, and each dish I tried was a testament to the chef’s culinary prowess. Budget-friendly without compromising on taste or quality, it was a dining experience I’d eagerly revisit. The bar, however, deserves its spotlight. With an impressive selection of liquors paired with sumptuous seafood starters, it was a gastronomic journey that left an indelible mark on my palate.

While I can’t comment on their EV charging capabilities, as my recent visit saw me in a different vehicle, potential guests with electric cars should definitely give them a ring in advance. It’s always best to be prepared and if they don’t offer charging, remember that the Cygnett Inn Sea View and Hotel Sonar Bangla Mandarmomi are viable alternatives in the vicinity.

In conclusion, Le ROi, Digha, is a destination that exudes a blend of homely comfort and luxury. Whether you’re there for the picturesque surroundings, the mouthwatering food, or the proximity to local attractions, it promises an experience that will linger long after your stay. If you’re contemplating a trip to Digha, Le ROi should undeniably be on your consideration list.

Let’s Conclude

In the tapestry of Digha’s hospitality scene, hotels and resorts aren’t just places to rest your head – they’re integral to the entire coastal experience. From the sprawling grounds of Hotel Sonar Bangla Mandarmomi to the urban chic allure of Cygnett Inn Sea View and the warm embrace of Le ROi, Digha, each establishment offers its unique brand of luxury and comfort. Whether you’re an electric vehicle enthusiast, a culinary adventurer, or someone simply seeking solace by the sea, Digha’s hotel landscape caters to every whim and fancy. As the sun sets on our exploration, one thing is clear: Digha is not just a destination, but an experience, and the right choice of stay can elevate it to unparalleled heights. Safe travels, and may the waves of Digha whisper tales of adventure and relaxation to you, as they did to me.

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