Water Parks in Kolkata: Amusement Parks, Timings, Entry Fee

Water Parks in Kolkata: Amusement Parks, Timings, Entry Fee

“Amra shobai jani, Kolkata’r garam garmi kemon jore pore!” (We all know how intense Kolkata’s heat can get!) As the summer sun blazes over the ‘City of Joy’, what better way to cool off than to dive into the refreshing waters of its amusement parks? Be it the exhilarating water slides, lazy rivers, or those massive wave pools – every drop tells a story of fun and frolic. Join me as we embark on a ‘jol-er utsav’ (water fest) and explore Kolkata’s finest water parks, taking note of timings and entry fees. Dive in, the waters of Kolkata await!

Jol-er Utsav: Kolkata’s Water Park Wonders

In my ‘shohor’ Kolkata, I’ve been fortunate enough to splash around in all three major water parks. From the thrilling rides to the tempting food stalls, I’ve seen and savoured it all. Each park has its own ‘mishor rosh’ (unique essence), and as a proud Kolkatan, I’ll share my ‘nijer chokhe dekha’ (personal experiences) of these places. Let me take you on a nostalgic trip through the waves and whirlpools, as we explore these parks not as tourists, but as locals, with the warmth of ‘amader Kolkata’ (our Kolkata) in our hearts.

Aquatica Kolkata | Rides, Ticket Price, Entry Fee

Ah, stepping into Aquatica Water Park in Kolkata feels like a splash of refreshment amidst the bustling city. Spanning a vast 17 acres in Rajarhat, it’s been one of my personal escapes from the humdrum of daily life. The meticulously crafted artificial river and the Aqua dance floor offer an intriguing fusion of fun and relaxation, reminding me of the vibrant energy of a traditional ‘Durga Pujo’ night, but in water.

Every ride has its own charm. From the gentle embrace of the Lazy River to the heart-racing adrenaline rush of the Tornado Cycle and the Black Hole, there’s an adventure waiting at every corner. Ah, the Pendulum! Let’s just say it’s not for everyone; you’d need the kind of courage that’s typically Bengali – fierce and undaunted. And don’t even get me started on the Surf Racer ride and the captivating Niagara Fall. They’re experiences in themselves.

As for the culinary delights, Aquatica does justice to Kolkata’s love for food. Their restaurant boasts of a diverse menu that tantalizes the palate with Chinese, North Indian, and Continental dishes. I remember, after an invigorating day, feasting on some delightful dishes there felt just as comforting as enjoying ‘maach-bhaat‘ (fish and rice) on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Tickets and Other Info:

  • Ticket Price: Rs. 900/- for adults, Rs. 450/- for children on weekdays. On weekends and public holidays, it’s Rs. 1000/- for adults and Rs. 450/- for children.
  • Timings: Open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • For those culturally inclined, Aquatica often reverberates with the sounds of concerts and events. It’s like the ‘Dover Lane Music Conference’, but in a water park!
  • Reaching Aquatica is a breeze. From Howrah, one can hop on bus 12C/2, and it drops you a mere stone’s throw away from the entrance.
  • If you venture outside after dark, the surroundings may seem a tad desolate. But, a little tip from a local? There’s a medley of street food stalls just outside the park. While they might not have the posh setting of Park Street eateries, they offer a taste of raw, unfiltered Kolkata – affordable and oh-so-delicious.
  • Lastly, their Banquet and resort make for wonderful event venues. Be it a wedding or a celebration, it’s apt. Though, I believe, with a little more attention to cleanliness and maintenance, they can elevate the experience even more.

So, if you’re in the ‘City of Joy’ and looking for a splash-tastic time, Aquatica is where you should be!

Wet ‘O’ Wild Water Park (Nicco Park), Salt Lake City in Kolkata – | Rides, Ticket Price, Entry Fee

Oh, Wet ‘O’ Wild water park nestled within Nicco Park, holds a special place in my heart. I still recall my first visit, right in the heart of Salt Lake City, Kolkata. Founded in 1991 as an initiative to boost tourism in West Bengal, this sprawling 40-acre haven serves as both a recreational and educational spot. The Toy Train ride was an instant hit among my friends and me, taking us on a delightful tour around the park’s plethora of attractions. And then, the Tilt a Whirl! If there’s one thing Kolkata loves as much as its ‘rosogolla’ (sweets), it’s a good thrill, and this ride offers just that.

But it wasn’t just about the adrenaline. The Paddle Boat ride was a joyous experience, especially for the young ones. And the Giant Cyclone ride, added in 2003, remains etched in my memory. Climbing up to 55 feet, this 750-metre roller coaster left me exhilarated, reminding me of the city’s own pulsating energy during the ‘Durga Pujo’ festivities. An added bonus? The panoramic views from the Eiffel tower ride, overseeing the vastness of the park along with a picturesque 48-foot waterfall and a rose garden.

What truly stands out is the MIG -21 fighter aircraft – a genuine decommissioned marvel gifted by the Eastern Command in 2008. It’s a sight that never fails to awe visitors.

But what’s a day out without indulging in Kolkata’s renowned culinary delights? Just outside the park, my taste buds were spoilt for choice. For those kebab cravings, Container Kebab was an instant hit. And if you’re in the mood for global flavors, KFC and Pizza Hut stand ready to satiate. Drained from the day’s excitement and seeking hearty meals? Just a stone’s throw away, Bypass Dhaba serves some lip-smacking North Indian fare, and The Box offers what many say is Kolkata’s best chai.

And for those seeking to unwind even further, Sector V boasts some fantastic pubs, all within a kilometer’s reach. Accessibility? Simple. Hop onto any bus heading to Chingrighata; after all, Nicco Park is quite the famous landmark. Plus, the upcoming metro promises seamless connections from all parts of the city. A local tip? Don’t miss out on the delectable street food right outside the park. It’s quintessentially Kolkata – vibrant, delicious, and unforgettable.

Ticket Price: 800 INR

Aqua Marina, Hooghly | Rides, Ticket Price, Entry Fee

Stepping into Aqua Marina in Hooghly felt like a sudden dive into an aquatic reverie – an oasis in the very heart of Kolkata. I still remember the day I decided to attend my diploma college fest there. A surreal blend of thrills and tranquility, this water park turned out to be an unexpected delight in a district that effortlessly marries calm with playfulness.

Getting to Aqua Marina wasn’t a task at all. It’s conveniently located just a 35-minute local suburban train ride from the bustling Howrah station. And as soon as you alight at Hooghly, you’re greeted by the familiar buzz of the local e-rickshaws, affectionately called “totos” by the locals. A quick, pocket-friendly 10 rupee toto ride, and voila, you’re at the entrance of the park!

Upon my arrival, the gentle murmurs of Hooghly greeted me. The wave pool beckoned with its serene embrace, a perfect spot for a Bengali soul like mine to just recline and relish the moment. Then there was the slide pool, pulsating with action, echoing the energetic spirit of Kolkata’s bustling streets.

But it wasn’t all about the thrills. The park harmoniously blends in a picnic garden, roller skating facilities, and even a boating option, reminiscent of those delightful boat rides in the tranquil waters of the Hooghly River. And oh, the dance! The rain dance section felt like the city’s very own ‘Durga Pujo’ dhunuchi dance – a moment of pure euphoria.

Navigating the park, I couldn’t help but notice their conscious efforts to preserve Mother Earth. A gentle nudge to visitors, they encourage everyone not to bring foods in plastic packets, striving to make Aqua Marina a plastic-free zone. A gesture that instantly reminded me of Kolkata’s rich tradition of respecting nature, often seen in our festivities and rituals.

It’s essential for any visitor to plan their trip to make the most out of Aqua Marina. My advice? Try reaching by 11 am. The Kolkata sun, though beautiful, can be unrelenting, and the park offers a cooling respite. And yes, if you’re planning to take a dip, it’s wise to pack your swimwear. Though saris and cotton clothes are not permitted in the pool, fret not! They do offer rental options for attire.

Looking back, my entire day there was a whirlwind of activity. The super loop from a dizzying 60 feet height was an adrenaline-fueled escapade, while the wave evoked the vastness of the Bay of Bengal. It was a day of bonding, laughter, and endless memories – a true Kolkata day out with family and friends.

Ticket Price

500 INR for adults

400 INR for kids.

Conclusion: Best Waterparks in Kolkata

Kolkata, the heart of Bengal and the city of Rosogollas and Rabindra Sangeet, isn’t just a hub of cultural splendor and historical significance. Amidst its bustling streets and timeless charm, the city also offers splendid aquatic escapes that are every bit as thrilling as a classic Satyajit Ray thriller. From the invigorating rides at Aquatica to the iconic landmarks of Wet ‘O’ Wild in Nicco Park and the serene backdrop of Aqua Marina in Hooghly, Kolkata’s waterparks are a blend of exhilaration and tranquility.

And with the added bonus of being just a ‘toto’ ride or a short train journey away, they weave seamlessly into the daily fabric of a true-blue Kolkatan’s life. Don’t forget the joy of savouring the local delicacies at nearby stalls after a refreshing day at the park – because in Kolkata, every experience is intimately tied to its gastronomy. So next time the summer heat gets a bit too much or you’re looking for a day of fun-filled adventure, remember, a splashy retreat awaits you in the very lap of this beautiful city. Ebar jol-khelo shuru koro! (Now, start your water play!)

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